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Help support Kasese Humanist School Initiatives

Dear our Visitor,
We are so happy having you here, below are some of our projects which you could get involved in.

Our Schools:
  • Kasese Humanist Primary school Rukoki, 
  • Kasese Humanist Primary School, Bizoha Campus Muhokya 
  • Bizoha Humanist School - Kahendero

Other initiatives:
  • Bizoha Farmland
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Jane Shrimpton Clinic
  • Pellissier Science Laboratory
  • Andrea Vogt health Clinic
  • GoodLife investments
New Initiative:

Kasese Humanist Secondary School - Constructions begins on 20th December 2016

At all these sites, we do have construction projects going on plus of course service delivery of learning at the school, medical services provision to the learners and our involvement in farming. All these needs support either materially, financially or morally in order to keep thriving. All your support can be conveyed through the following organizations:
  • The Brighter Brains Institute USA
  • Humanist Canada
  • Atheist Alliance International

Alternatively you can use our contact form on this website and get in touch with the School Director on ways to get your support to the school directly.

Many thanks indeed.