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Teaching Staff 2018 @ Rukoki,Muhokya & Kahendero

 List of Teachers at Kasese Humanist Schools  in the Academic Year 2018

 No.  Name  Age  Sex  Role in School
 1  Kyakuha Rosset  24  F  Teacher @ Bizoha Campus
 2  Ngabirwe Phiona
 26  F  Teacher@Bizoha Campus
 3  Kiketha Tadeo  24  m   Teacher at Rukoki
 4Kabugho Sumaya  23  F  Primary Teacher@Bizoha
 5 Kiketha Tadeo  26  M Primary Teacher
 6 Madam Clovia  22  F  Teacher @ Rukoki
 7 Masereka Solomon  28  M
 Teacher @ Rukoki
 8  Madam Shamim  26  F  Teacher@ Rukoki
 9  Madam Jovia  23  F Nursery Teacher @Rukoki
 10 Teacher Benedict  26  M  Teacher @ Rukoki 
 11 Madam Betty  22  F Teacher @ Rukoki
 12Mathe Zephaniah  53  M  Teacher @ Rukoki
 13 Busingye Kighoma  54 M Teacher @ Rukoki

14. Biira Mashline       Teacher @ Kahendero school

15. Nyumiza Betty      Teacher @ Kahendero school

16. Mumbere Wilfred    Teacher @ Kahendero school

17. Master Hudson       Teacher @ Bizoha school

18. Madam Sarah          Teacher @ Bizoha school

The School employs approximately 30 teachers and some 7 non teaching staffs at the 3 campuses.

The above teachers serve different roles apart from teaching in the school in matters of leadership in the fields of welfare, sanitation, career guidance,women affairs, debate,games and sports,campus affairs etc. 

Each month a Teacher at Kasese Humanist Primary School earns between 60 - 120 US $ as a Monthly Salary. This amount is far little as compared to what the government offers to its Teachers in public schools who earn between 100 - 145 $.

Any amount donated towards support of teachers helps the management to add extra funds or welfare logistics or tokens to the staffs at the school. On the other hand the Donor may choose from the list above and pay a salary to a certain teacher.


Support the School Management by contributing towards a Teachers Salary by donating any amount to benefit a School Teacher at the school. These Teachers are doing a good work at helping out in grooming children with a balanced education that is free from dogma and indoctrination.

Many thanks in advance for contributing towards our Staff Salaries.

Donations to the school via Paypal

 Atheist Alliance International is our main fundraiser based in the United States of America and accepts funds donated by either Paypal, Credit Cards or Cheques.

Funds donated via Paypal through AAI  can be sent here https://www.atheistalliance.org/campaigns/kasese-humanist-school/

Many thanks in Advance!