Photos of some pupils at school opening Photos of some pupils at school opening A section of the pupils This photograph taken on 2nd February 2011 at the school. As for the start the school uniform is being made and only a few have so far purchased the school uniform 115079744 Field study Pupils from KHPS tours the weather Station at Nyakasanga airfield near Kasese Town 180433443 Computer room Students at KHPS doing computer lessons in the computer laboratory at KHPS, the computers were given out by our partners at Swinburne University and Online Gallaries in Australia 180433445 Pupils photos Future freethinkers at breaktime 180433647 Field Tour Children of KHPS pose for a group photo together with a section of teachers and an assistant at the Kasese Airfield weather station in Nyakasanga,Kasese Municipality. 180433649 The official school badge The badge was designed by Edan Kurzweil who was AAI/KUHA volunteer from USA who was facilitated by AAI together with other 3 volunteers who worked at the school as teachers. 180433650