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  1. Where is kasese humanist primary located ?

    Its located in the western part of Uganda in Kasese District, its exact location is next to the defunct Kasese Railway Station found within Kasese Municipality in Kasese District in the western part of Uganda

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  1. How can i send material donations to the school if i stay in a foreign country?

    Any form of material donation can be sent by post mail and our mailing address is as below:

    Kasese Humanist Primary School

    c/o Kasese United Humanist Association

    P.O.Box 58



    Or still you can send the package using FedEX or DHL courier companies and in this case you have to include the Contact telephone number of the School Director at +256 785195561

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International Contacts

  1. What are Kasese Humanist Primary School international contact persons or organization ?

    Kasese Humanist Primary School international contact persons are :

    Godless Poutine of the Mysecretatheist Blog in Canada, Marc Skubich based in Germany, Atheist Alliance international  based in Washington DC,USA plus the Appointed School Advisory Board Members of the school located around the world. A list and contact details of our international contacts are on this website at this link:


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wiring funds through AAI

  1. How can i donate funds to the school project through Atheist Alliance International ?

    You can send funds in any denomination, in what quantity whether small or big through Paypal and the link can be accessed on the AAI official website, the link to this is

    http://www.atheistalliance.org/support-aai/donate    ; (The select Kasese Humanist Primary School)

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About contacting the German Office

  1. Is it possible to get information about Kasese United Humanist Association and the Kasese Humanist Primary School in the European office based in Germany?

    Yes, the office in Paderborn Germany is managed by our contact person, Mr Marc Skubich and members of the general public plus organizations are encouraged to link up with him and support the school project plus the organization.

    European Office address:

    Kasese united Humanist Association/Kasese Humanist Primary School,

    Pipinstr. 10,

    33098 Paderborn


    Email address :   [email protected]

    Phone contact:   +49 5251 296212     

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  1. Who is the right person to contact on issues about the KHPS or KUHA

    Bwambale Robert is the School Director at Kasese Humanist Primary School and is the one responsible for all communications concerning the school project. He can be reached on the school email address   [email protected]   This is the official email address of the school

  2. Duration of pupil in school

    A child in nursery school will spent 3 years to complete nursery school education.

    A child in primary school will spent seven years at the school.

    When a child approaches in P.7 class, he or she sits for a nationwide exam that qualifies him or her to join secondary school.

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car donations

  1. Does the school accept car donations

    Yes, the school welcomes  car donations, the most preferred donations in this category is a School Bus, Van or Pick up

    This is much needed as it will boost the school to attend to its transport needs for example taking the children to outdoor study tours, excursions etc.

    Our international contact persons and organizations can receive car donations on our behalf or car donations can be sent direct to the school

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Child Sponsorship

  1. What does it mean becoming a sponsor

    Sponsoring a student gives you a chance to share a unique relationship with the student in another part of the world. As a sponsor, your regular contributions provide important benefits to a student living in poverty and enables him/her to go to school. Although you are under no obligation, we hope that your commitment will be a long-time engagement with the student you have chosen.

    Many sponsors have developed a very close and friendly relationship with their sponsored child. you will receive an email that will include photos of your sponsored student, information about his/her family and other information about how your sponsored student will benefit from the sponsorship. Within a couple of months you will receive your sponsored child school performance records. Thrice a year you will receive a report card showing how your sponsored student's academic performance in school.

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Meals served at school ( Breakfast & Lunch)

  1. Can i pay also for meals and school uniforms etc

    Yes, you can pay an extra fee for meals (Breakfast or Lunch) which are charged at a cost. Meals offered at the school are optional as most of our students live near in the neighborhoods of the school and normally go to their homes for meals.

    Meals served at school are Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.

    The Child Sponsorship program aims at offering a helping hand to guardians and less fortunate parents to get relieved from paying school fees and there is a need of cost sharing between the sponsor and the child family.

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Termination of sponsorship

  1. When will my sponsorship end?

    sponsorship is a voluntary commitment and you can end your sponsorship at any time however we wouldn't like seeing you our esteemed sponsor go.

    . However, we see the student sponsorship as a long lasting relationship between you and your sponsored student. Continuity is crucial for a successful school career and will avoid school drop out because of the lack of funding.

    Your sponsorship automatically ends when the student leaves our school or does not need any longer assistance but to ensure our students keep in school even whether they finish from our school,we will always ensure a Sponsor continues to help this student.

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Sending money to my sponsored child

  1. Can I send money directly to my sponsored student?

    If you wish to send extra money or a gift to your sponsored student or family, we would advise you to send it through us as we will make sure they receive your gift.

    After your sponsored student/family has received the gift, we will take a picture of the student/family with your gift so you can see yourself how happy your gift has made her/him.



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Sponsor invitation

  1. Can I visit my sponsored student?

    Of course you can visit your sponsored student/family. It can be a very rewarding experience, for you and the sponsored student/family, to meet face-to-face. If you ever desire to do so, let us know and we will arrange your visit and give you general information on how you can get to our school and the home of your sponsored child.

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Banking information

  1. What is the banking information of the school

    Kasese Humanist Primary School being founded by Kasese United Humanist association receives funds from our international friends,partners and wellwishers through a group account run by KUHA.

    Banking information is as below:




    Account Number: 6002692757

    Swift Code: BARCUGKX


    Branch Name: KASESE BRANCH

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Teachers salaries and wages

  1. Where does teachers salaries come from

    Teachers salaries and wages are realised from the school fees collected from parents and is paid monthly in 2 portions. Within the first 2 weeks our staffs are given advance while at the end of the month final payment.

    On some occasions, international donors do donate supplementary funds towards teachers salaries, these monies are collected and depending on their magnitude, are topped up on some teachers salaries or given out as allowances.

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School campus

  1. How many school campuses are there right now under Kasese Humanist School

    The school now runs two separate campuses, the original one at the Railway which conducts lessons from Nursery class up to Primary Seven. The school is housed in the houses belonging to the defunct railway company.

    The new campus is located in Rukoki on the KHPS Permanent land which currently runs nursery classes for the whole of 2014. 

  2. What is the distance between the KHPS Railway and KHPS Rukoki campus?

    The new campus is approximately 4.6 KM from the old school. This distance under normal traffic by car takes 6 minutes while walking takes 50 minutes.

  3. Upon completion of the new classrooms on the KHPS property, will the children be transferred to the new school

    Upon completion of the new campus, normal lessons will be conducted all the way from nursery to the top most class P.7. Transferring the children to the other new campus might not work instead afew will go to that school while we expect to get new students from that neighborhood of Rukoki. Plans are under way in some months ahead after completing the classrooms to look into ways of putting up hostels so that some children affording to board can move with us at the new school.

    Due to parents demands, they are requesting that we maintain the railway school and rukoki school such that their children dont miss out their choosen school.

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School calender

  1. What is the school calender

    Nursery and primary schools in Uganda run on a termly basis and there are 3 terms in a year.

    • Term One runs from Late January - Late April
    • Term Two  runs from Late May  - Mid August
    • Term Three  runs from Early September - Early December
    Exact dates of beginning and ending are fixed by the Uganda Ministry of Education & Sports.
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  1. Does KHPS accepts volunteers

    Yes, KHPS as a school run by a non profit welcomes volunteers to take part in its works. Volunteers are needed from any part of the world and where possibe, the management of the school normally accepts 2-4 volunteers annually. There are two self contained rooms that are provided to cater for any volunteers who might accept to stay at our guest house free of charge.

    Volunteers to KHPS help in the day to day teaching and are assigned topics to teach tghe children, subjects taught are craft making, music, english, maths, social studies, science and Physical education.

  2. Can i volunteer at home for KHPS

    Yes, you can volunteer by doing any activity for the benefit of the Kasese school like holding a fundraiser or material drive in your locality. All that is most important is that before this is done, permission and recommendation should be first sought from the School project Director. His contact email is at  [email protected]

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Any idea of a secondary school

  1. Does KHPS have plans to open up a secondary school

    Yes, the management of Kasese United Humanist Association has plans to initiate a secondary school in some years ahead.b A humanist secondary school is very vital in western Uganda. Owing to the land size of the KHPS property provisions are there that classrooms to house the secondary school can still be accomodated on this site.

    Also Kasese United Humanist Association has several sites where we can erect a secondary school but still lacks the financial capability to erect classrooms. Any serious investor interested in uplifting the Uganda education is open to work hand in hand and we create more schools in several parts across the district.

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Donations via the Brighter Brains Institute Website

  1. Can i donate to KHPS using paypal

    Yes, Atheist Alliance International, Humanist Canada and the Brighter Brains Institute help out in accepting donations on their websites.

    The Brighter Brains Institute adds on to the list, their website is at http://www.brighterbrains.org

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sending gifts/packages

  1. Can some gifts be bought within Uganda to deliver to the pupils

    Yes, this is a smart and most economical way to send gifts to the pupils as for any package received at the post office, a charge of 1$ is charged and to some box packages charges may even go to 5 -20 $ in taxes.

    Donors are encouraged to link up with the school Director who can advise the cost of a specific item and funds can be conveyed by paypal either through AAI, Brighter Brains or through the BIZOHA website.

    The items can be bought locally.

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