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BiZoHa Orphanage project

Posted by Bwambale Robert on May 27, 2015 at 11:20 AM

BiZoHa Orphanage Project is a new project courtesy of Kasese Humanist Primary School together with 3 active fellows at the Brighter Brains Institute based in the United States.

The project is located on a 7 acre stretch of land belonging to Kasese Humanist Primary School, in earlier years this land has been used for crop farming.

"Bi" is for Biba Kavass, an award-winning Memphis high school teacher in economics. Biba started the first high school KIVA group in Tennessee, and her students are soon publishing a book titled "Microfinance in Action."


"Zo" is Zoltan Istvan, a journalist who writes regularly for Motherboard VICE, Huffington Post, and other publications.

"Ha" is Hank Pellissier, director the the Brighter Brains Institute.

The Orphanage Director is Bwambale Robert Musubaho, The Proprietor of Kasese Humanist Primary School.

The project is an initiative of the Kasese Humanist Orphans in conjunction with the 3 active fellows at the Brighter Brains Institute.

                                                                        BiZoHa Hostel to shelter some few orphans

Orphans will soon be moved to BiZoHa - from Muhokya, Kahendero (fishing village on Lake George), and Kasese (provincial capital), however the just completed hostel will shelter a maximum of 16 orphans but plans are underway to put in place a school to offer a balanced education to young people from nursery to Primary classes, this dream will come to reality upon construction of classrooms on this property so that children of Muhokya, Kahendero and the entire region gets served.

                                                             Dr.Bruce Chou classroom ( one of the many classrooms to shelter the children while learning)

The director of BiZoHa - Bwambale M Robert - was orphaned himself at the age of five. He worked his way through high school as a barber, and subsequently received a university scholarship, where he matriculated in Biology. He is the author of the book, “Orphans of Rwenzori - a Humanist Perspective. ”


BiZoHa Orphanage will be economically self-sufficient in 1 year. This goal will be achieved by selling corn, beans, cassava, peanuts, and lettuce grown on its farm, and by selling drinks at a roadside stand, on the adjacent well-traveled road.

To follow updates on BiZoHa, follow updates on the Facebook page of Kasese Humanist Orphans at https://www.facebook.com/kasesehumanistorphans


Or at the Brighter Brains Institute website http://brighterbrains.org/

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